Anxious Mum Problems: Screen time

Screen time… who cares? That is a stupid thing to worry about. Well guess what, my mind is so welcoming it finds the time to worry about all the stupid things. Screen time included.

I am obsessed with screens. I love TV, I love my phone and now I love my computer (thank you blogging). When it was school holidays and children were playing outside, I was the kid that no one knew existed because I was inside watching TV all day. One time, my parents got Foxtel, a paid TV subscription, and I almost watched it 24/7. This caused them to quickly get rid of Foxtel. I don’t want Bub to follow in my TV obsessed footprints.

I also am on my phone a lot, not making phone calls. When I worked full-time this wasn’t an issue but since Bubs birth my phone use has increased exponentially. Bub used to take so long breastfeeding that I got bored. I would whip my phone out and go on Facebook, do online shopping (ARGH!) and google random stuff like “Why is my babies poo green?”.

That habit has stuck and I can confidently call it an addiction. I know it is bad. Every week I feel guilty enough to uninstall Facebook from my phone. I last two days (sometimes two hours) before I install it again. Now Bub is becoming more aware and if I am on my phone she looks at it and I freak out. She is welcome to become addicted through her own doing, but I don’t want her to become addicted by watching me.

Hence why I worry about screen time. Have you ever heard babies shouldn’t be exposed to screens until two years of age? I read it in a book once so it must be true. So how am I going with that?

With TV I say we are going very well. I try not to watch TV during the day. I turn back into a junkie at night when Bub is asleep. There was one exception, which was when the Olympics were on, and I’m sure I don’t need to explain that one. I know that if I have another child, or even possibly in a few months, TV may become an invaluable parenting tool and my biggest ally. But for now, apart from rhythmic gymnastics and pole vaulting, Bub has not watched much on TV.

Has she seen me use my phone? Absolutely. I don’t actually want to describe how much. My phone addiction has overridden my anxiety over screen time. If this improves I’m sure I will blog about it, but for now I am going to go back to my phone to uninstall Facebook for the 22nd time because writing this post has made me feel guilty again.

Thanks for reading!

If you are addicted to Facebook as well, like Sustayable Me for more of my anxious mum problems.

Every body loves TV from
Every body loves TV from
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4 thoughts on “Anxious Mum Problems: Screen time”

  1. I totally understand. I also became addicted to screen time once I had my baby because I was all of a sudden spending so much more time at home, and also because I wanted (craved) adult interaction through social media, since I wasn’t able to have it as much in real life anymore. I think it’s totally normal and we mums have so much stuff to worry about and potentially feel guilty about that your (and your daughter’s screen time) shouldn’t be another thing to add to the list. My 18 month old daughter started regularly watching nursery rhymes on YouTube from about a year old. Sometimes, putting them on is the only bit of calm ‘me’ time I can get in a whole day. She’s happy, healthy and does plenty of running around outside so I don’t worry about it too much. And it keeps me sane which at the end of the day is better for everyone 😉

    1. Social media use for have adult interaction is a benefit, my sister had that thought as well. I just felt I wasted a lot of time on Facebook. Blogging has decreased that ‘wasted time’ though in my opinion, which is a positive.
      I’m sure there will be more screentime happening when Bub gets older, toddlers are go go go, non stop! It sounds like you are on to a good thing with the nursery rhymes 🙂

  2. My health visitor was the one who told me children shouldn’t watch any TV before they are two. I also read quite a bit of info about it. Like you, I was worried about it and my own overuse of screens but I actually think it’s helped me be a better mum – especially when it came to Facebook forums for Freya’s reflux and also Pinterest activities that I would never have thought of doing. Freya watches TV and uses the iPad, with a child lock, now and I haven’t seen any problems. Her speech is brilliant and she has a lovely imagination. I also think that computers/ipads etc will be her life in the future, there is not getting away from it, so why not let her get involved now, within reason obviously.

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