Anxious Mum Problems: The battle of the daytime nap

I am writing this on a day when nothing is going right. It feels like for the last two weeks nothing much has being going right.

I thought I had daytime naps in the bag. Bub used to cooperate. She would wake, she would feed, we would have some happy awake time together. I would see her yawn and then go to put her to bed. I would get the room dark and give her time to unwind, I would check her nappy. I would wrap her up, sing her a lovely little song and put her in the cot. I’d kiss her on the cheek tell her to go to sleep and leave the room. Sometimes she actually did go to sleep. Other times if she cried I would go back in and sing again etc and eventually she would go to sleep. I felt confident. She was the best Bub in the world. I was the best mum in the world. 

Now it is a different story. Bub is staying awake longer. She is no longer yawning. I don’t know what her tired signs are anymore. Do they change? When I think she is tired I try the the same stuff that worked before. It no longer works! I have been resorting to the good old feed her to sleep trick because I don’t know what else to do.

Today not even that is working. We are screwed.

I am exhausted and frustrated. I am pissed off at my partner, myself and even daylight savings. That happened two weeks ago, can I blame that? I am confused and clueless. My problem solving abilities have gone out the window.

Every time Bubs nappy is checked, or she is picked up to be rocked, I feel like it is making it worse. She is getting more and more overstimulated and doing everything in her power to resist sleep. So I try and leave her. For a minute she is silent, then the crying starts again. I try and ignore it for a few minutes, feeling like if I go in yet again it will only add to the problem. When I do go in and check she smiles like nothing is wrong. Oh Bub please!

Three hours after I started to write this piece Bub is finally asleep. Winner, winner, chicken dinner! Let’s hope it is a long nap.

crying baby sustayable me
This is not my Bub

If anyone else wants a whinge in the comments go for it!

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3 thoughts on “Anxious Mum Problems: The battle of the daytime nap”

    1. It’s totally normal on both accounts. Babies are constantly adjusting their schedules because their needs are constantly changing as they grow. It’s also perfectly normal to be irritable and grouchy about those changes. No one likes not knowing what to do, especially moms who just want their babies to be okay. These two things will occur the entire rest of your life, so hold on and get ready. (By the way, I have four – 24, 21, 18, and 16. No more diapers, but still the same uncertainty. Sorry.)

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