Christmas Presents… I Am The Grinch

I love Christmas. I love spending quality time with my family. I love feeling full before I have even started the main meal. I get a holiday away from home and I get to relax.

I do not love christmas presents.

One side of my family is very big. They organise a Secret Santa to reduce the abundance of presents. Originally you would buy a present each for three randomly allocated family members. Then when the next generation came along it became quite chaotic. Now we buy a present for just one family member and gifts for the children are optional.

Christmas Presents Sustayable Me
Our family Christmas tree. Every year the pile gets bigger.

I always racked my brain for things to ask for. Some earrings, a handbag, nail polish, a stick blender etc. You let everyone know what you want. One year I got two stick blenders from two different people. One I used often and the other I kept boxed up. I thought I would use it when the other one stopped working. Years later, I finally sold the second stick blender.  It moved house with me twice. It was still in the box.

When I became interested in minimalism something clicked in my head. I didn’t actually want these presents. At first I started to ask for gift vouchers instead. In the last two years I have asked for a goat and a chicken.

I no longer want stuff.

You might agree with me or you might think I am strange. “But Jane, gift giving is my love language. What can I get you if you don’t want stuff?”.

Get me an experience (a massage voucher because I need a massage so bad). Get me something consumable (chocolate please!). Donate to charity on my behalf. But really, you don’t have to get me anything at all.

Will I give my family christmas presents? Of course! They will probably be eco-friendly and locally made. Call me a horrible mum but Bub will not be included in this. For this year anyway.

She will be six months old. Thanks to the generosity of family and friends, she already has everything she needs at the moment and in the near future. I think she will love her first Christmas, with or without presents.

Are you looking forward to christmas present shopping?

Thanks for reading!

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8 thoughts on “Christmas Presents… I Am The Grinch”

  1. I enjoy planning out the gifts for family members, but we only buy small thins for 10 people and I try to avoid malls! 2 of those are my kids, the other 8 are close family members, and gifts are small and tend to be consumable or useable (e.g. my Dad gets a magazine subscription and some $$ to buy some guitar supplies, my Mum and Sister get a Pop Vinyl figure they really want plus a cute little book by introvert doodles, my brother-in-law is getting cash towards his new laptop that he is saving up for, and a Steam voucher so he can get things for his games, niece and nephew get a couple of books – they are 4 and 6- Hubby’s dad gets chocolates. he’s in a dementia ward, he doesn’t know it’s Christmas and he enjoys chocolate, Hubby’s mum will be getting something useful like a magazine subscription. My kids are old enough to be choosing their own gifts now and are after things like an external hard drive, tickets to see their favourite youtubers, books for their kindles…I’ve lost count of how many family members I’ve done!). There is very little I need so I have asked my Mum and Dad to get us tests! Mum and Dad did theirs last year and it was so fascinating! So Mum ordered them and Hubby and I sent them off a couple of weeks ago. hopefully they’ll be back in time for the big unveiling to go ahead on Christmas day! So excited! Our Christmas will be quite different this year as both my in-laws are living in (different places) a retirement village now so we won’t be split between my family and my in-laws in the same was a previous years. Sorry, my response is a bit long!

  2. I love Christmas, especially all the good food and being with family, but present choosing and buying not so much. I think I’d like to limit to one present for my daughter, and the adults either something food related (such as homemade cookies or a bottle of wine) as that seems fun and thoughtful yet also practical.

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