About Me

Who is Sustayable Me? Call me Jane.

I live in a leafy outer Sydney suburb.

I like nature, but not enough to go camping.

I care for the environment, but not enough to stop using disposable nappies.

In the words of Hilary Clinton “I believe in Science”.

I enjoy socialising and love my friends, but also love life at home everyday, doing what appears to be nothing.

I am a wannabe minimalist… nothing too extreme though.

Before maternity leave I was a (potentially burnt out) high school teacher.

I am a first time mum. An anxious one. I was anxious at times before Bub, normally when I knew there was a unfamiliar situation coming up that I had no control over. Since Bub, I am anxious most times. Also, an over thinker. I would love to be a relaxed, carefree mum than can go anywhere and do anything, with or without Bub, but it’s just not me…. yet (or ever).

I am some what private when it comes to social media. Yes, I am fine to share my deepest, darkest secrets, but no, I don’t want you to know exactly who I am. For that reason I am blogging under my middle name. I also am going to try and not post any photos that show too much. When I read blogs I really love looking at all the photos, so I am sorry if you are the same. To make you feel better here are two photos of me.

Me as a bub dancing with my sister and grandpa
Me as a bub dancing with my sister and grandpa
Getting my flowers on my wedding day
Getting my flowers on my wedding day

If you are into Facebook, and want me as part of your Facebook world, please like Sustayable Me.

Thanks for reading! I appreciate your support,

From Jane

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