Anxious Mum Problems: Cutting The Fingernails

Sustayable Me
Bubs hands (after her nails were cut of course)

I love cutting my own fingernails. I actually try to cut other people’s fingernails. My sister let me once but my partner is smart enough to say no because that is just too creepy for him.

I know 100% for sure that I am not alone in worrying about cutting the fingernails of a baby. Your precious baby. I think this is a concern every first time parent has.

At first Bubs fingernails were soft and I could just gently pull them off at the top. Then after a couple of weeks she started scratching her face. It was time to cut those fingernails.

Was I going to do it? No way in hell. I had just gotten over the panic of giving her a bath and was not ready for this personal grooming stress.

I offered the task to my partner. He was also hesitant but shows no weakness. He took one for the team. The first time he tried was when Bub was feeding. She would be totally distracted and in a milk drunk haze. He did one hand. About a millimetre off each fingernail. The other hand was not attempted until days later.

Cutting Bubs fingernails for the first time made her them grow even faster and eventually I had to cut them myself. I was very nervous but put on a brave face in front of Bub. It went fairly smoothly. I became a pro. A nail cutting ninja.

I got so confident that once I cut her thumb without even realising. I noticed little brown dots on her outfit. She is too young to eat chocolate (which explains all the brown dots I find on my outfits) so it finally clicked it must be blood. She didn’t even cry. What a brave Bub!

Two weeks later when I got complacent again it happened again. This time I made her bleed on both hands and this time she did cry. It took a while for the bleeding to stop. Oh the shame. The wonderful news it that I haven’t made her bleed again!

Nail Clippers Sustayable Me
The wonderful nail clippers

I totally understand if you are anxious about cutting your bub’s fingernails. We don’t want the worst to happen. We don’t want to cut their finger! Well the worst happened to me and I survived, you can survive too. Go forth and cut those fingernails! (It will be one less thing to worry about, yay).

If you too cut your bub’s finger, let me know in the comments so I don’t feel as bad.

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4 thoughts on “Anxious Mum Problems: Cutting The Fingernails”

  1. Mikey cut Eliza’s finger. Whoops.
    I was talking to another friend about this- she’s also a new mum. She said she spoke about it with a midwife who went ballistic at her… “never cut! always file!!” Eep!

  2. Yep, I cut both my kids fingers when they were babies, and they both still hate having their fingernails cut! And they’re 11 and 9!!!!! But the 11 year old is too chicken to try doing her own incase she cuts herself, so it’s not just us parents who are scared of cutting nails 😀
    (my daughter just walked through and asked what I was doing. When I told her what I was commenting about she piped up ‘you cut me once…’ I think she’ll be dragging that story out forever!)

    1. Ha! Was she old enough to remember when it happened or did you tell her the story? Bub shall never know…
      I now realise I will be cutting fingernails for many years to come, I didn’t even think about doing having to do it for older children too.

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