Koshte rubber and plastic intelligent equipment

CASEND Automation Machinery Co., Ltd. mainly produces rubber and plastic automation manipulators and peripheral automation equipment. It is a high-tech enterprise integrating product development, design, manufacturing, sales and service. The company’s products are widely used in a variety of industries, including: home appliances, computer and peripheral industries, optoelectronics, cosmetics, automotive, clocks and watches, precision gears, PET preforms, beach tables and chairs, audio-visual music, guiding Optical panel industry, communication electronics industry, mobile phone industry, medical supplies industry, pharmaceutical packaging industry, food packaging industry...etc. Since 2016, CASEND has been deeply involved in the development of automated intelligent manufacturing of rubber products. The product line includes rubber host, rubber mold, rubber automation, rubber machinery automation, rubber and plastic machinery automation and peripheral supporting equipment, as well as corresponding operating software and process services. Under normal circumstances, the upstream and downstream high-quality industrial chain will be vertically integrated according to customer needs, and the entire automated production line will be customized to serve customers, that is, "turnkey system engineering". At the current stage, KSD's customers are mainly medium and large enterprises such as multinational companies and listed companies. The rubber automation production line can help customers increase production efficiency by about 35% on average, and the customer's return period is 1.5 to 2 years. CASEND is committed to providing high-quality, high-efficiency, and reasonably priced automation products for the rubber and plastics industry to improve the industry's production efficiency and quality.

The company strives for survival by quality, develops by quality, fully implements an international quality management system, strengthens quality management, and establishes a development concept of "strive for excellence, cast quality, pay attention to actual results, improve management, improve quality, and create benefits" through all employees With unremitting efforts, our products and services have won a good reputation in the industry.

CASEND will adhere to the core concept of technological innovation, seize the good opportunity of the rapid development of China's rubber automation intelligent equipment industry, further extend the company's industrial chain depth in the field of rubber intelligent manufacturing, and at the same time expand the company's equipment application field and market, and improve its performance The domestic first-class rubber automation intelligent equipment company's system integration and overall solution capabilities have gradually realized the equipment and technical requirements of high-end customers at home and abroad, and become a world-class supplier of complete rubber automation equipment. The growth and development of CASEND are inseparable from the verification and long-term support of friends from all walks of life. We are willing to work hand in hand with friends from all walks of life to jointly promote the development of automation in the rubber and plastic industry.