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?The main features of rubber injection machine:


Rubber injection molding machine, referred to as rubber injection machine; is a technology for the production of rubber molded products. Mainly used in the production of rubber molded products, such as electrical insulation parts, shock-proof pads, seals, shoe soles and industrial and mining rain boots. At present, it has been widely used at home and abroad. The following is an introduction from the editor of the injection manipulator manufacturer:

The main features of rubber injection machine:

1. Simplify the process, can realize the high temperature and rapid vulcanization of rubber products, and shorten the production cycle;

2. The product size is accurate, the physical and mechanical properties are uniform, and the quality is high. It is especially suitable for the molding and vulcanization of thick-walled products;

3. Simple operation, reduced labor intensity, high degree of mechanization and automation;

4. The mechanism of the injection machine and its mold is relatively complicated, the investment is large, and the maintenance level is relatively high, and it is mostly used for mass production of molded products;

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