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After the roller coaster, rubber machinery automation becomes tomorrows yellow flower


In 2014, my country's rubber machinery market experienced a period of high order demand blowout, and also experienced the downturn of a cliff-like decline in orders. After the same fall, the overall closing was considered "unsatisfactory." The calculation data shows that from January to November 2014, the sales revenue of rubber machinery occupation was 4.98 billion yuan, an increase of 4.3% year-on-year. However, the central and east China regions, which accounted for one-third of my country's rubber machinery market, declined significantly, with ups and downs of 15%. about. Therefore, the unquiet rubber machinery market is naturally doomed to the ups and downs of its corresponding automated market in 2014. Kunshan Keshide Automation Machinery Co., Ltd. Rubber Injection Molding Machine Automation Manufacturer

In the first half of 2014, my country’s rubber machinery market was in a good situation. The domestic demand for rubber machinery reached a peak. Most rubber machinery companies filled out orders for the whole year around March, and a single company was already filled in the first half of 2015. This is mainly because It is conducive to the investment of the tire industry "blowout". Rubber machinery companies' demand for automated products has also increased correspondingly, with a year-on-year increase of about 3%. During this period, the increased demand for low-voltage frequency converters, DC drives and PLCs, which are widely used, is the main driving force for improvement.

In June, the United States announced that it would recommend "double reverse" inquiries to my country's tires, making the tire's professional operating environment worse. Tire companies in my country have to suspend or reduce tire investment. The professional orders for rubber machinery have turned from prosperity to decline. There are few new bidding projects for tire equipment. Some projects in Shandong have been suspended or cancelled. Some of the equipment ordered has been postponed, and some orders have been cancelled. Rubber machinery enterprises have formed considerable pressure, and the inventory rate of professional rubber machinery products has risen sharply, reaching the highest level in recent years. This momentum has not improved so far.


In the second half of the year, my country's rubber machinery industry has significantly begun to enter the buyer's market. At this moment, my country's rubber machinery automation market is also down. The decline in the demand for automated products is not only due to the reduction in the output value of rubber machinery, but also other companies' capital constraints have a greater impact. According to the calculation of the editor, in the fourth quarter of 2014, the scale of the rubber machinery occupational active market fell by more than 3%. This is the first time the professional automation market has fallen in the past two years.

In fact, the radialization rate of tires in my country exceeds 89%. Compared with the uniform radialization rate of international tires, there is not much room for improvement; other rubber machinery in my country has experienced years of rapid development, especially after the recent rapid expansion of production capacity, the production capacity is very severe. Obviously, there is still a gap in the demand for only a few high-end rubber machinery; furthermore, the proportion of professional exports is small, less than 15%. However, the tire industry's enthusiasm for investment has always been concealing the shortcomings of rubber machinery. At this moment, the "double reverse" is more like a pot of timely cold water, allowing us to see the reality more quickly. Therefore, once the tire investment is slightly reduced, my country's rubber machinery will inevitably be short of orders. Accordingly, the rubber machinery automation market has naturally become a "time passing". Gongkong predicts that my country's rubber machinery automation market will continue to decline in 2015. The ups and downs will expand to 5%~10%.

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