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Application of Silicone Rubber Injection Molding Technology


This product is suitable for liquid injection molding process to produce various silicone products. Such as: medical supplies (such as infusion catheters, breathing masks), baby supplies (such as pacifiers, tooth holders, etc.), fresh-keeping caps, diving supplies, etc. The following editor of injection manipulator manufacturers introduces for us:

Liquid silicone rubber for LIMS has the same characteristics as ordinary silicone rubber, such as excellent heat resistance, electrical insulation, radiation resistance, and discharge resistance. According to the general use, high-strength use, transparent use, flame retardant and other product uses, there are various series of products, and new product development can also be carried out according to the purpose of use. A substantial reduction in costs has become a practice. Rubber and plastic machinery automation.

The so-called LIMS (Liquid Injection Molding System) is a new molding processing system constructed by combining liquid silicone rubber with excellent functions and equipment that can accurately and stably end injection molding. It is only necessary to load the two liquid materials A and B into the equipment, and the process from mixing to forming is fully automated. While seeking to simplify the process and shorten the processing time, the processing of high-quality products can be easily completed. Not only that, the use of liquid The various characteristics of silicone rubber can also be widely used in a variety of jobs represented by electrical, electronic, automotive, and food. LIMS focuses on the advancement of production capabilities and the reduction of labor costs, and perfectly demonstrates superior economic efficiency. This product is transparent and high-strength, with a strength ranging from 10° to 70°, and a wide-scale product series that can meet the requirements of the Japanese Food Sanitation Law Ministry of Health and Welfare No. 85 announcement.

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