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Brief introduction and characteristics of industrial manipulators classified by control mode


1. Point-to-point control techniques and characteristics of industrial injection manipulators classified by control methods:

Brief description: Point control is also known as PTP control. This method only controls the poses of the starting point and the stopping point. The control only needs to quickly and accurately complete the movement between each point, and the movement track between the two points Do not make any rules.


(1) The motion of the industrial manipulator controlled by the point-position method is a linear motion from point to point in space. During the operation process, only the orientation of a few specific operating points is controlled, and the motion process between points is not performed. Manipulation.

(2) In a point-to-point industrial manipulator, the number of points that can be manipulated depends on the degree of messiness of the control system.

(3) This kind of PTP point position control method is easy to complete, but the accuracy is not high. It is generally used for loading and unloading, transfer and other operations that only require the precise position of the target point.

2. Brief description and characteristics of the continuous track control of industrial injection manipulators classified by control method:

Brief description: Successive track control is also called CP control. This method not only requires the manipulator to reach the target point with a certain accuracy, but also has certain accuracy requirements for the way of moving the track.

(1) For industrial manipulators controlled by the method of continuous orbits, the motion orbits of the industrial manipulators can be connected to curves in a random manner in space.

(2) The entire motion process of the industrial manipulator in space is under control, and can control two or more motion axes together, so that the hand position can move along the freely shaped space curve, and the hand posture can also pass through the wrist joint The movement can be controlled, which is very beneficial for welding and spraying operations.

(3) Industrial manipulators controlled by successive rails are now more common in industrial use. For example, welding robots, spraying robots, etc. Injection manipulator