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Five major issues that need to be paid attention to in the design of the handling robot arm


(1) The rigidity of the transfer robot arm should be high.

In order to avoid excessive deformation of the arm during movement, the cross-sectional shape of the arm should be selected reasonably. The tortuous stiffness of the I-shaped section is generally greater than that of the circular section, and the tortuous stiffness and change stiffness of the hollow tube are much greater than that of the solid shaft. Therefore, steel pipes are commonly used to make arm rods and guide rods, and I-shaped steel and channel steel are used to make support plates. Kunshan Keshide Automation Machinery Co., Ltd. is an automation manufacturer of rubber injection molding machines. Injection manipulator

(2) The ability to transfer the load of the robotic arm is sufficient.

Consider not only the component of the grasping object, but also the dynamic load during movement. ?

(3) The weight of the transfer robot arm is light, and the rolling inertia is small.

In order to improve the movement speed of the transfer manipulator, it is necessary to reduce the component of the arm movement as much as possible to reduce the rolling inertia of the entire arm to the rotary axis.

(4) The transfer robot arm has good guiding performance, fast, sensitive and stable movement, and high positioning accuracy. Injection manipulator

In order to avoid relative rolling of the arm along the axis of motion in the process of linear motion, guide equipment should be installed, or a square arm, splined arm, etc. should be planned. Because the higher the arm movement speed, the greater the impact caused by the inertial force before positioning, the movement is not stable, and the positioning accuracy is not high. Therefore, in addition to striving for a compact structure and light weight in the arm planning, a certain way of buffering must be selected together.

(5) The transfer robot arm should reasonably plan the connection part with the wrist and the fuselage. Injection manipulator

The method and orientation of the arm device not only affects the strength, rigidity and carrying capacity of the robot, but also directly affects the appearance of the power-assisted manipulator. Kunshan Keshide Automation Machinery Co., Ltd. mainly produces rubber and plastic machinery automation and peripheral automation equipment. It is a high-tech rubber automation enterprise integrating product development, planning, production, sales and service. The company's products are widely used in a variety of occupations, including: home appliance industry, computer and peripheral industry, photoelectric industry, cosmetics industry, automobile industry, wall clock industry, fine gear industry, PET preform industry, beach table and chair industry, audio-visual music industry, guidance Optical panel industry, communication electronics industry, mobile phone industry, medical supplies industry, medicine packaging industry, food packaging industry...etc. Provide high-quality, high-efficiency, and reasonable-priced automation products for the rubber machinery automation industry. Landline: 0512-36807318 Website: Welcome us to consult