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The development trend of plastic machinery


Plastic machinery refers to the general term for various machinery and equipment used in the plastics processing industry. In 2017, the global plastic machinery market plan will reach 37.1 billion euros, and the Chinese market will account for about 20% of the global market. my country is now a major producer, consumer and exporter of international plastic machinery. The following is an analysis of the development trend of plastic machinery. Kunshan Keshide Automation Machinery Co., Ltd. Rubber Injection Molding Machine Automation Manufacturer

my country has now become a major producer, consumer and exporter of plastic products. With the strong support of governments at all levels, my country's plastic machinery industry has now broken through the plastic raw materials, plastic processing industry, and plastic recycling industries. In the fields of cars, home appliances, and electronics, plastic products are gradually replacing some steel and glass components. Rubber machinery automation

In 2016, my country's plastic machinery (including injection molding machines) market plan is about 60 billion yuan. Fitting the GDP growth rate of my country's plastic machinery market planning and practice since the 2008 financial crisis, the fitting results found that the change trend of the plastic machinery career planning growth rate is similar to the GDP growth rate. Except for the extreme economic environment, all occupations insisted on a steady increase. The following is the author analyzes the development trend of plastic machinery from many aspects:

The development trend of plastic machinery 1. The localization of large-scale units brings multiple benefits to the automation of rubber machinery

In Europe, automation products and related skills are widely used in the plastic machinery industry. Are large, highly integrated units really the "soft underbelly" of domestic enterprises? According to the report hall, several 70,000-ton/year plastic granulators have been produced in China through cooperation with foreign countries in the past. Compared with foreign products, the production of large-scale plastic granulating units in our country is still blank, completely relying on imports, and also accepting expensive prices. "The large-scale kneading and pelletizing unit is a serious technical and equipment research project in the country's 11th Five-Year Plan. It is expected that my country will be able to complete the localization of a large-scale pelletizing unit with an annual output of 200,000 tons this year, which will greatly promote the entire rubber and plastic machinery industry. The development of the current mechanical products will also greatly improve the situation in which most of the current mechanical products are in low-end operation.

The large-scale plastic granulation unit has an intelligent system that integrates the advantages of high performance, high material utilization, low energy consumption, and low pollution. The advanced control skills are commonly used during the process, and the process parameters of the entire granulation process, such as melt pressure and temperature, the temperature of each section of the fuselage, the ratio of various materials, the current and voltage of the motor, and other parameters are tested online, and a microcomputer is selected. Closed loop control. The remote detection makes the process conditions more stable and the reliability of the unit operation is further improved. Director Wu commented: "The use of domestically produced large-scale pelletizing units has greatly promoted the progress of domestic machinery manufacturing enterprises, making it easier to integrate some advanced automation products and related skills used in foreign countries into our products. It constitutes a virtuous circle in the professional world; and for manufacturers of automation products, some business opportunities will inevitably be explored."

The development trend of plastic machinery 2. The increase in the use of plastics in home appliances promotes professional development

my country has become a global home appliance manufacturing center. According to the current situation, prospects, development trend analysis and investment prospects of China's plastic special machinery industry from 2018 to 2023, plastics are the data with the fastest increase in the use of home appliances. The renewal of home appliances can be said to be rapid, and the technological advancement of plastic products is an important part of it. In terms of the scale of application and the proportion of consumption, the demand for plastics in home appliances is also increasing. Plastics have now become the second largest source of raw materials in the home appliance industry after steel. In recent years, the average increase rate of plastics in the weight of household appliances is about 30%, and the consumption of household appliances has now reached 40% of the total weight. In general, the sales of home appliances lag behind the sales of real estate. The real estate industry was booming last year, which boosted the sales of the home appliance industry. Since the second half of 2016, the year-on-year sales of refrigerators, air conditioners, and washing machines have all entered an upward channel, with the most significant increase in air conditioners. The year-on-year increase of the three major products for the year was 1.63%, 1.93% and 6% respectively. With the increasing weight reduction, miniaturization, personalization of home appliances, the promotion and application of new organic polymer materials, and the advancement of injection molding technology, plastic parts will gradually replace steel parts, thus bringing a broad market opportunity for injection molding machines. Rubber machinery automation

The development trend of plastic machinery 3. Professional export strength is strengthened, and the proportion of exports exceeds 20%

Since 2016, the professional export strength of plastic machinery has continued to increase, and now exports account for more than 20%. The professional export of plastic machinery in my country is beginning to exceed the import value. On the one hand, foreign brand manufacturers such as Engel, Demag, and Sumitomo Demag have settled in China. On the other hand, the skill level of my country's injection molding machines has improved rapidly and has been recognized by customers at home and abroad. The overall strength of the domestic manufacturing industry has been further strengthened, which has also promoted the development of exports, and at the same time has reduced the degree of dependence of domestic shopping malls on imported plastic machinery products to a certain extent. In recent years, the export value of my country's plastic machinery has accounted for more than 20% of the total domestic professional income, and overseas exports have provided an important driving force for professional development.

To sum up, under the steadily increasing income of residents and the country's microscopic background of encouraging consumption, my country's plastic machinery professional market has grown rapidly. With the upgrading of consumption, manufacturers of high-end, high-efficiency, energy-saving, and high-tech products continue to integrate, and my country's plastics industry has great potential for development. In the future, plastic machinery will be used in packaging, construction, cars, home appliances, 3C, medicine and other fields. The above is an analysis of the development trend of plastic machinery. Rubber machinery automation

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