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Analysis of the reasons why industrial manipulators are more and more widely used


Mechanization and automation of production processes in modern industry have become outstanding themes. With the further development of industrialization, automation has now become an important pillar of modern enterprises. Unmanned workshops, unmanned production lines, etc., are now everywhere. At the same time, there are various production environments in production today, such as high temperature, radioactivity, gas, hazardous gas occasions, and underwater operations. These harsh production environments are not conducive to manual operations. Rubber and plastic machinery automation

Industrial manipulators are a new technology that has emerged in the field of modern automatic control. It is a product that combines modern control theory and industrial production automation practice, and is an important part of the modern machinery manufacturing system. Industrial manipulators are one of the powerful and useful means to improve production process automation, improve working conditions, and improve product quality and production power. Especially in high temperature, high pressure, dust, noise, and radiation and pollution occasions, it is more widely used. Rubber and plastic machinery automation

It is also due to the development of industrial automation and the continuous advancement of science and technology, the problems of simple manual inefficiency, high cost, and difficult quality control are now far from satisfying the needs of modern enterprises for production and processing, and CNC manipulators are the continuous industry. Products developed. Industrial manipulators not only improve the power of labor and production, but also replace humans in completing high-intensity, dangerous, and repetitive and monotonous tasks, reducing the intensity of human labor. It is more and more widely used in machining, stamping, casting, forging, welding, heat treatment, electroplating, painting, equipment, light industry, transportation, etc. Rubber and plastic machinery automation