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Fully automatic truss manipulator will become the dominant force in the stamping industry


As a product in the field of intelligent manufacturing, truss robots can be machined and automatically produced in the practical use of factories, which is enough to replace manual labor. The development of skills such as CNC machine tools, industrial robots, and electronic computers has made the automated production line composed of truss robots more versatile, and can easily cope with various types of small and medium batch production. Injection manipulator.

The punching and unloading manipulator can automatically load, unload, reclaim, and feed materials, which has obvious advantages in batch production efficiency. CNC machine tool robots can complete the moving effect of right and wrong, and are not limited by the weight of the object, can complete more material braking, complete comprehensive functional support, and fully improve the processing efficiency of production equipment, satisfying more customer groups on the market . Injection manipulator.