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Once in close contact with Merkel, this "manipulator" will be exhibited at the International Import Expo


Reported on September 21: There are less than 50 days before the opening of the upcoming China International Import Expo, and more and more mysterious exhibits have started the "spoiler mode". At the 20th China International Industry Fair that is currently being held, reporters have discovered that several exhibits that are about to appear in the intelligent and high-end equipment exhibition area of the International Import Expo are secretly "on the shelves". It is better to let us "see it first." Rubber molding machine automation

Machine collaboration provides maximum protection for human safety

Another robot arm named Co-act is one of the new man-machine collaboration robot products launched by SCHUNK this year. This is the first industrial manipulator certified and approved by the German Statutory Accident Insurance Association to provide safety guarantees in human-machine collaboration applications. The manipulator is equipped with environmental sensors, which can continuously detect external factors in the environment and use integrated software for data processing. With the fingers specially designed for grasping process and force measurement, it can judge whether it is grasping the workpiece or touching the human hand, and adjust the operation in real time to ensure the safety of the human body in the process of human-machine collaboration.

In addition, the manipulator can also make a large number of different gestures to facilitate communication between the robot and the operator, help improve the acceptance of the robot in people’s living environment, and also meet the needs of service robots in the field of technology research and development and industrial applications. need.

Digital twins connect virtual and reality

In the Siemens Discrete Industrial Digital Enterprise Solutions exhibition area, the advantages brought by the "digital twins" were demonstrated. Siemens connects all people, IT systems, and automation systems through the underlying database, and establishes a virtualized digital model corresponding to actual production for the factory. Through the "digital twin", the equipment layout, production process and workshop logistics of the virtual factory can be simulated and simulated in the planning stage, and the optimized parameters can be provided to the actual factory construction. After being put into production, in the daily operation and maintenance of the factory and the service of the products, the two continue to exchange information. Rubber molding machine automation

The "digital twin" can be used to evaluate key performance indicators, such as product quantity and quality, downtime analysis, failure rate, and energy data. The staff told reporters that the system combines the seamless integration of virtual production simulation with real production, and ideally controls the entire process of real production.

According to the staff, each module in the virtualized digital model can be used independently and repeatedly. Take an assembly machine from Bozhong Precision Technology Co., Ltd. displayed on site as an example. The equipment engineering and debugging were carried out in Germany, while the actual production was realized simultaneously in China. "Digital twins" are more like a manifestation of innovative consciousness. It can complete a series of processes in the virtual platform, and finally achieve efficient and intelligent production, realize the rapid innovation of products on the market, and win lasting competitiveness for the enterprise.

At the China International Import Expo to be held in November, exhibits representing the current top technical standards of the two companies will be displayed in the smart and high-end equipment exhibition area. The relevant person in charge of the enterprise expressed the hope that more people will visit the venue to experience the more possibilities advanced technology will bring to future industrial development. Rubber molding machine automation