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Application of injection manipulator


Application of injection manipulator:

The injection manipulator is a machine specially equipped for injection molding production automation. It can reduce heavy physical labor, improve working conditions and safe production; it can imitate part of the human upper limb function, and can automatically control it to transport products or products according to predetermined requirements. Automated production equipment that handles tools for production operations. It plays an extremely important role in improving the production efficiency of injection molding machines, stabilizing product quality, reducing the scrap rate, reducing production costs, and enhancing the competitiveness of enterprises. The following small editor of silicone rubber machinery automation manufacturers will introduce to you:


Because the injection molding manipulator can greatly increase productivity and reduce production costs, it can stabilize and improve the quality of injection molded products, and avoid losses due to human operation errors. Therefore, the role of injection molding robots in injection molding production has become more and more important. At present, the types of domestic manipulators are relatively simple, and most of them are used for pickup. With the development of the injection molding industry, more and more manipulators will be used in various processes such as loading, mixing, automatic loading and unloading of molds, and recycling of waste materials in the future, and they will develop in the direction of intelligence. Plastic occupies a very important position in our industry, people’s livelihood and other materials, and many materials are gradually replaced by plastics; plastic molding includes: injection molding, blister molding, blow molding, extrusion molding, die-casting molding, etc., injection molding The application is the most extensive. It is extremely popular in industries such as automobiles, communications, electronics, electrical appliances, home appliances, medical care, cosmetics, daily necessities, and office supplies. In the traditional injection molding process, from the earliest manual mold clamping to the hydraulic mold clamping of the injection molding machine, it has evolved into today's computer-controlled molding process. The progress is not only reflected in the product process quality and appearance, but also molding efficiency. The competition in injection molding is becoming increasingly fierce. Molding quality and efficiency are related to the survival of the company; molding quality is related to the performance of the injection molding machine itself, mold technology and surrounding environment, and molding efficiency is related to mold accuracy, molding process, and production quantity; as injection molding machine operators are increasingly supplying Tension, the increase of labor production costs, and the take-out manipulator of the injection molding machine is also more and more widely used. The application of plastic molding automation is extremely common, and the manipulator mainly exhibits the following uses in the application process:

1. The manipulator takes out the products in the mold and replaces the human to shift the original semi-automatic production to fully automated production;

2. Take the product out of the manipulator mold, and embed the product in the mold (labeling, embedding metal, secondary molding, etc.);

3. Automatic packaging after the manipulator is taken out, and automatic storage;

4. Automatic feeding system of molding materials and waste recycling system;

5. Whole plant production control system, etc.;

Because of the different molding products, automation applications are also very complicated, because they can replace manpower and low efficiency, and ensure the molding process, so the application is more and more widely. The ejection manipulator of the injection molding machine is the most widely used in molding automation. CASEND Automation Machinery Co., Ltd.  mainly produces rubber and plastic machinery automation and peripheral automation equipment. It is a high-tech rubber automation enterprise integrating product development, design, manufacturing, sales and service. The company’s products are widely used in a variety of industries, including: home appliances, computer and peripheral industries, optoelectronics, cosmetics, automotive, clocks and watches, precision gears, PET preforms, beach tables and chairs, audio-visual music, guiding Optical panel industry, communication electronics industry, mobile phone industry, medical supplies industry, pharmaceutical packaging industry, food packaging industry...etc. Provide high-quality, high-efficiency, and reasonable-priced automation products for the rubber machinery automation industry. Landline: 0512-36807318 Website: Welcome everyone to come to consult.