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What is the advantage of punching machine with punching manipulator?


What are the advantages of using a punching manipulator in a punch press? It can be seen from the following eight aspects that there are many advantages to installing a stamping manipulator. The main thing is that it can generate greater profits for customers. Let's learn more about the advantages of stamping feeder to enterprises from eight aspects!

1. Extend the life of punch equipment. The safety door must be closed when the personnel take out the product, which will shorten the life of the punch and damage it, which will affect the production. There is no need to open the safety door when using the manipulator. Rubber automation

2. Punch manipulator reduces product defect rate. If the temperature of the newly formed product is too high, hand marks will be formed when the personnel take out the product, resulting in defective products. Since the manipulator uses a special jig to take out, it will not damage the product.

3. Prevent mold damage. People sometimes forget to take out the product, and the mold is closed and the mold is damaged, which affects production. If the manipulator does not take out the product, it will automatically alarm and stop, and the mold will never be damaged.

Stamping robot

4. The punch manipulator can save materials. reduce costs. The personnel taking the product is constantly changing, which will result in product shrinkage and deformation (if the material tube is overheated, the need for new injection molding will waste the material, and the price of the material is now rising). Because the manipulator is always taken out, the quality is stable. Rubber automation

5. High security. According to the manufacturer of the punch manipulator, manual access to the mold takes the product. If the injection molding machine fails or the wrong button is pressed to form a mold clamping, there is a risk of pinching the hands. The use of the manipulator can ensure safety.

6. Save labor. The manipulator takes out the product and places it on the conveyor belt. Only one person is required to guard it, or one person can guard the two injection molding machines together, which can save labor (if the whole plant is planned to be more economical).

7. Save manpower. Using a manipulator, the nozzle and the product can be automatically placed separately, no need to choose, which can save manpower. If the random powder feeder is used to automatically pump into the barrel, it can save more material.

8. Improve power and quality. For example, if the product is taken out manually, it is about 1000 molds a day, and the robot can be used to increase about 500 molds, that is, about 1500 molds a day with the robot. If the customer’s factory is formed with active demoulding, sometimes the product is ejected 2-3 times, and the time extension will affect the production power, and the product will fall, scratches, oil stains, and defective products will occur. Rubber automation

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