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Robot overview


The industrial robot is composed of a manipulator (machine body), a controller, a servo drive system and a detection sensor device. It is a kind of human-like operation, automatic control, repeatable programming, and mechatronics automation that can complete various tasks in three-dimensional space. Production equipment. It is especially suitable for flexible production of multiple varieties and variable batches. It plays a very important role in stabilizing, improving product quality, improving production efficiency, improving labor conditions and rapid product replacement.

Robotics is a high-tech formed by integrating multiple disciplines such as computer, cybernetics, mechanism, information and sensor technology, artificial intelligence, and bionics. It is a field in which contemporary research is very active and increasingly widely used. The application of robots is an important indicator of the level of industrial automation in a country. Robots do not replace manual labor in a simple sense, but are an anthropomorphic electronic mechanical device that combines human and machine expertise. It not only has the ability of humans to quickly respond and analyze and judge environmental conditions, but also have machines that can last for a long time. The ability to work continuously, with high accuracy, and withstand harsh environments. In a sense, it is also a product of the evolutionary process of machines. It is an important production and service facility in industry and non-industry, and it is also indispensable in the field of advanced manufacturing technology. Of automation equipment.

The manipulator is an automatic mechanical device that imitates part of the actions of a human hand and realizes automatic grasping, handling or operation according to a given program, trajectory and requirements. Manipulators used in industrial production are called "industrial manipulators". The application of manipulators in production can improve the automation level and labor productivity of production: it can reduce labor intensity, ensure product quality, and achieve safe production; especially in harsh environments such as high temperature, high pressure, low temperature, low pressure, dust, explosive, toxic gas, and radioactivity. In, it replaces people in normal work, which is of greater significance. Therefore, it has been more and more widely quoted in mechanical processing, stamping, casting, forging, welding, heat treatment, electroplating, painting, assembly, light industry, transportation and other aspects. The structure of the manipulator is relatively simple and the specificity is strong. It is only the loading and unloading device of a certain machine tool, and it is a special manipulator attached to the machine tool. With the development of industrial technology, a "program-controlled general-purpose manipulator", abbreviated as general-purpose manipulator, can be independently controlled by program to achieve repeated operations and has a wider application range.