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Kunshan manipulator manufacturer introduces what are the advantages of the three-dimensional manipulator?


Kunshan manipulator manufacturer introduces what are the advantages of the three-dimensional manipulator?

Three-dimensional manipulators are among the most common and widely used stamping manipulators. The post-90s generation has become the mainstream of all walks of life. In recent years, various levels of labor shortages have appeared in various places, and the continuous improvement of labor costs has made the livelihoods of all walks of life difficult, and the automation of production processes has become an inevitable trend. Its advantages are as follows:

1. During the production process, the three-dimensional manipulator installs multiple sets of molds and automatically produces on the same punching machine, which can improve the automation of the production process. The three-dimensional punching manipulator is used in the production process, which is conducive to the transmission of data and the loading and unloading of workpieces. , Tool replacement and other automated processes.

2. The use of three-dimensional manipulators can improve working conditions and prevent personal accidents. In high temperature, high pressure, low temperature, low pressure, dust, noise, odor, radioactivity or other toxic pollution, and narrow working space, direct operation with human hands It is risky or impossible. The use of a three-dimensional manipulator can partially or completely replace people to complete the work safely, which greatly improves the working conditions of the workers. At the same time, in some operations with simple actions but repetitive operations, the use of manipulators instead of manual operations can prevent personal accidents caused by fatigue or neglect.

3. The three-dimensional manipulator can reduce manpower and facilitate rhythmic production.

Use: The two-dimensional manipulator replaces manual work, because the manipulator can work one after another, which is an aspect of directly reducing manpower. Therefore, there are almost two-dimensional manipulators installed on automated machine tools and integrated processing automatic production lines to reduce manpower and more accurately control the production beats to facilitate rhythmic production.