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Manipulator Controller

Manipulator Controller

  • Category: Horizontal injection molding automation
  • Release date: 2021-09-03
  • Description

Manipulator controller, small size, easy to operate, free switching between Chinese and English

20 sets of mold number data can be stored, which is convenient for customers to call quickly

The independent setting mode of the main and auxiliary I/O arms is adopted, which can be used according to the collocation set, which can fully meet the take-out requirements of the forming machine

Automatic fault detection, can record the latest 20 groups of fault codes, convenient for maintenance

Mode status can be set, change timing, count, easy to debug

Manual I/O automatic status has I monitoring

Expanded I/O point can draw conveyor belt and spray-off device

Modular PCB board design, paying special attention to safety and reliability, and adopting super anti-interference design

Regarding safety and feasibility, adopt super anti-interference design


Modular architecture based on industrial bus, with good adaptability and scalability

Support multiple buses: ETHERNET, CAN, RS-485/RS-422

Embedded IEC61131-3 standard PLC, convenient for secondary development

The output port has short circuit, overload and temperature protection, real-time identification of output failures

High-definition man-machine interface, easy to learn, easy to use and powerful

Powerful teaching program function, supporting concurrent operation of multiple programs, adapting to different production needs

Support network centralized monitoring

Support servo with absolute encoder

Supports control of multiple robotic devices (not exceeding the upper limit of support for servo axis 6 axes)

Support visual inspection

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