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Automated production line-intelligent assembly

Automated production line-intelligent assembly

  • Category: Production line automation
  • Release date: 2021-09-03
  • Description

System Overview:

Flexible station

Increase or decrease the corresponding function stations at any time as needed

Fixture design

According to the characteristics of the product, the clamping fixture can be customized and quickly replaced, which is suitable for the production of multiple varieties and small batch products.

Machine vision:

The application of vision greatly improves the yield of assembled products

Unmanned loading and unloading:

The automatic storage system combined with AGV realizes the unmanned loading and unloading of assembly materials, and the AGV freely plans the route from the warehouse to the assembly workshop, so as to truly realize unmanned production.

MES system

MES system software can be configured to realize intelligent production information management

According to the characteristics of the customer’s products, the transfer plan is tailor-made, and it is designed as a single-machine or multi-station flexible production line according to the needs. It can integrate AGV, automatic storage, MES system and other parts to realize the intelligent assembly of multiple varieties and small batch products.

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