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Hey there. I’m Katey, Sydney-based mother of four boys, lover of chocolate, a good cup of tea and the ocean.

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This is Katey when she has to make an effort but is very tired.

I studied early childhood education at university and have been a preschool teacher since 2004. My favourite age to teach is the threes and fours. They still have that amazing childhood innocence but also have the language to ask about and interpret the world around them.

A typical Friday in my house goes a little like this:

Wake between 5:30 and 6am. And by wake I mean get rudely awoken by a baby crying or a five year old asking for a shower or a three year old asking for breakfast.

Feed and change baby. Feed the three other boys. Feed myself. Put baby back to bed. Make school lunch for the two big boys. Get them all dressed. Baby wakes up, put him in the pram. All five of us walk up to school and deposit two children there for the next six hours.

Come home and curse the cleaning fairy for not coming while I was out. What happens next depends on my mood or sleep levels from the night before.

I will either tidy up, sit on my butt, go to the shops, hang out with friends.

Then Sam has swimming lessons st 11:30, which I often forget about. Home again for lunch, another sleep for baby Leo and rest time for Sam and I.

I’ll usually try to cook dinner before I pick up Hayden and Noah from school. Sometimes I’m successful, often I’m not.

Then its school pick up, afternoon tea, play, Hayden to indoor soccer, dinner, bath and bed.

The best thing about having children is being able to call myself a mother. There is so much that goes along it’s that such as seeing the world through their eyes, knowing unconditional love, learning so much about myself, meeting fellow rock star mothers.

I have been lucky enough to grow four new people inside me. I’ve experienced a Caesarian birth, a vacuum birth, two normal vaginal births. I’ve tried breastfeeding and hated it.

Having children is incredibly grounding and brings everything back to basics. And that is a wonderfully freeing way to live.

To get a giggle out of my children changes with their ages. But there is nothing like the sound of children laughing. You can’t help but laugh along with them!

The biggest challenge for me at the moment is trying to get everything done to keep the family afloat, along with making time for fun with the kids, as well as looking after myself, all on limited sleep. Some days are way more challenging than others, but I’m learning to let go of my own standards sometimes. It’s ok to leave the washing up til the morning if you’re too shattered to face it.

When nothing goes right I just succumb to the fact that there’s no point fighting against it. Embrace the crazy, let go of your own rules and pick up again tomorrow. There’s no one judging you except yourself, and you need to give yourself a break.

Ask for help, send a text to a friend saying you’re having a shitty day, have some chocolate, have a shower. It really will all be ok. I’ve found sending a text or calling someone shares your crap day, which makes it seem way less crappy!!!

I miss having the time to relax and do things at my own pace. I can’t say I miss only thinking about myself as I was constantly thinking of others and what I could do to help before kids came along.

I miss being able to wake naturally. I miss being able to sit in a silent room in the sunshine and read a book. I miss a clean house. I miss disposable income. I miss that feeling of going out with friends and not watching the clock as it gets later and later and you know you’ll be woken up very early the next day.

To the new mum: enjoy one part of each day. Even if it’s just a smile from your Bub. You’ll look back on this time fondly and wish you’d soaked up more of the baby time.

Don’t take yourself too seriously. Soon enough you’ll be wearing someone else’s wee, poo, vomit or all three.

Be kind. Especially to other mums. You don’t know how much they’re struggling behind closed doors.

Be honest. Other mums will appreciate it far more than you realise. Share your stories of losing the plot or exploding poos or being woken every hour through the night.  Everyone struggles from time to time, or all the time. Pretending everything is ok is just unrealistic.

Katey is my local mum friend whom I met through parent group. She is an inspiration for me as a mum and as a blogger. She has a brilliant blog Hello 1am.

Thanks for reading and thank you Katey!

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