I eat Skippy

Do you eat your national emblem? I do! I support the kangaroo industry in Australia.

You can get fillets, steaks, sausages, mince, rissoles, burgers and kebabs. You don’t even have to look far. Woolworths and Coles stock kangaroo (next to the pet food HAH). When I first tried it I thought “Hmmmm, its a bit gamey”. Once I worked out how to cook with it I loved the taste. I prefer it to beef.

Sustayable Me
Kangaroo…tasty! Photo from https://www.flickr.com/photos/razlan79/16752666431

I’m fairly certain it is nutritionally better for you than beef. It is a lean meat. My health is not the real reason I eat kangaroo. To me it is about sustainability. The kangaroo industry is well suited to the Australian environment.

The cattle industry (like all agricultural industries I am sure) has a few negative impacts. Obviously cows are introduced species to Australia. They have cute little hooves that press down and compact the soil. Cattle cause desertification, soil erosion, as well as a loss of native vegetation and wildlife.

Also (you may have never thought of this) cows fart methane. Lots and lots of methane. Methane is a greenhouse gas. It traps in infrared radiation from the sun. Lots of cows = lots of methane = enhanced greenhouse effect = global warming. Blame the cows people!

So the cattle industry in Australia isn’t perfect, I think I have made that clear. Australians love meat, I doubt we’ll ever stop loving meat, but maybe we can reduce our love affair with beef. I say let us eat kangaroo!

You might be thinking “This woman is crazy. How could we eat Skippy?!” Well hear me out. Eating Skippy means we can utilise Australia’s abundant kangaroo populations. Kangaroo harvesting is a sustainable industry that can help conserve our environment. Even with kangaroo harvesting, populations still increase by around 2 million per year. Without kangaroo harvesting, the population would be probably 30% more. There are simply lots and lots of kangaroos out there!

The industry has the potential to offer greater conservation benefits. I understand that government regulation is important. Harvest quotas and humane harvesting are essential. Kangaroo meat is a healthy and environmentally friendly choice for us, the meat consumers. Don’t knock it til you try it.

Sustayable Me
Me and Skippy. We used to be friends.

Thanks for reading! What do you think?

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6 thoughts on “I eat Skippy”

  1. Given as how Kiwi’s are endangered, the closest I get to eating our national emblem is Kiwi Fruit 😉 I eat plenty of sheep though, and they may as well be our national emblem!

    1. Oh dear! I don’t want to encourage people to eat endangered Kiwis.
      Lamb is my favourite red meat. I have heard how much your country loves sheep… through jokes of course.

  2. I say good for you. I’ve been veggie since I was 13 but one of the things that has always confused me is meat eaters who refuse to eat certain animals because they are cute or considered pets in some countries etc.

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