I’m in the pursuit of laziness

Many years ago my partner approached me, he was very excited. “I have found the perfect song that describes you. As soon as I heard it I thought of you”.

I was excited too. He was being romantic! I wondered what beautiful song it was that I was going to hear.

He played me the song and I was bitterly disappointed. It was by Bruno Mars. The Lazy Song.

Why is it that because I love relaxing I am viewed as lazy?

I didn’t think I was lazy. I worked full-time in a fairly challenging job. I helped to keep the house clean. I made the garden look nice. I kept in touch with my friends and saw them often enough.

The weekends were my down time. I enjoyed reading, napping and watching Netflix. I walked my neighbour’s dog. I would go out some weekends, but other times I would just stay at home.

You couldn’t call me busy (and obviously people thought I was lazy). If I had more than two social outings or big things to do on the weekend, I felt stressed. I would go back to work after the weekend feeling tired.

Initially when I started saying no to things I had FOMO. Everyone would be hanging out without me. I wondered what they would think if I didn’t come. I wondered if I was going to lose touch. But none of that happened, my good friends are still my good friends.

Now I relish in the fact that I have no plans. It makes me feel calm. It gives me more opportunities to do the things I love. I can see my friends if they want to see me. I can say yes to the things I actually want to do. I don’t have to be booked six weeks in advance.

Why is busyness the socially acceptable norm? Why is busyness the thing that people are striving for?

If the choice is between looking busy and looking lazy, then I will take lazy any day.

P.S. If you ever call me lazy now that I have Bub I will bite your head off.

Laziness Sustayable Me
Just chillaxing

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4 thoughts on “I’m in the pursuit of laziness”

  1. Hello, I wandered over from Miss Minimalist today.
    Love your story, love that you are navigating new mum life and you are blogging.
    Remember, do not put added stress on yourself because of the blog. The readers will not fall apart if you miss postings. ……and that will happen, so relax and enjoy your blog, your baby and your minimalist life.

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