My Introvert Epiphany

All my life I have been one of those people who thought introverts were shy and extroverts were outgoing. Silly me.

I can be loud (most often under the influence of alcohol). I want attention at times. I like seeing my friends and talking to my family. I get a bit excited and love the sound of my voice so much that I often talk over the top and interrupt people (rude!). I occasionally want to share every mundane thing that has happened in my day (and my poor partner has to listen).

I am absolutely an extrovert, right? Wrong!

I came to this realisation at a new friend’s house. I was moaning about an upcoming wedding that I was really worried about going to with Bub.

“Are you an introvert?”she asked.

“I’m not sure, maybe, I always thought I was an extrovert”, I replied.

“I’m an introvert”, she said. I then showed my complete ignorance on the topic when I said “But you are so friendly!”.

She explained to me it is about where you get your energy from. Whether you get your energy from being around people or being on your own.

It clicked. I had an epiphany. I often feel rather drained after being around a lot of people. If I go out too much, I start to get really stressed. I make arrangements to go out and then I can regret it. I sometimes hate answering the phone and have to force myself to do it (even with family).

I cannot believe I only just comprehended, at 31 years of age, that I am an introvert. Since this realisation it all makes sense – my ‘laziness’ and my anxiety. I sometimes wondered what the hell was wrong with me. But now it’s cool because I am an introvert. I have a logical explanation for my behaviour and thoughts.

I can’t say I have always been an introvert, I definitely don’t remember feeling like one in the past. I also don’t feel like one at all times. I’m probably in the middle (an ambivert) and lean one way or the other during different stages of my life.

At my current stage in life as a new mother, I feel like an introvert. I normally hate labelling myself but it is funny how this label has made me feel more comfortable in my own skin at the moment. 

What do you label yourself as? Are you a bit of both like me? If you are unsure or want more information, check out What Is an Introvert? from Louder Minds.

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