So You’re Pregnant. What I Bought For My Pregnant Body

Hey Pregnant Friend.

A bonus of my low self-esteem and weight issues is owning mostly baggy clothes. Why is that a good thing you ask? Well, I didn’t have to buy many maternity clothes, and I only had to buy some stuff fairly late into pregnancy. I know you already bought a maternity dress.

Baggy Top Sustayable Me
A classic baggy top of mine, covering my bump at about 4 months. You couldn’t even tell.

What else will you need to buy? Well it depends on your preexisting baggy tops and stretchy hippy pants doesn’t it? (I am aware your collection is smaller than mine). I’ll just share what I needed.

The first things I had to buy were maternity bras. I had three that I alternated between. This is because, as I’m sure you are already aware and looking forward to, your boobs get real big. Your nipples get sore too (“I will cut your hand off if you attempt to touch my boob one more time” sore). So it hurt to wear my normal bras which had underwire, also my lovely bosoms no longer fit into the  bra cups and I was starting to flash a bit of nip. (I still accidentally do now. Stay classy Jane.) Hence why my first purchase was maternity bras. You will probably need them soon.

I also bought a maternity skirt and a dress that I could wear at work and a dress because I had to go to a wedding which I wore a few other times too. I didn’t have to buy any maternity tops (crazy!). At the very end I just stole my partners t-shirts instead.

I know you wear tighter clothes than me Pregnant Friend, but you probably will need to get less clothes than you think. You don’t want to end up spending good money on something you only wore twice. That is all the clothing advice I will give you.

I wish I bought a pregnancy pillow. It became so uncomfortable to sleep. Get yourself one. Get all the sleep you can now, trust me. You will truly miss it when you have your baby.

If any other mums had other things that helped them cope during pregnancy please let Pregnant Friend know in the comments.

Thanks for reading!

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