Say hello to the minimalist me

I am definitely interested in minimalism. I don’t want to tell people I have just met about it because I don’t want to scare them off. Now you all know, have I scared you away? Keep reading please. Minimalism is not exactly ‘normal’ but I think the trend is increasing in popularity. 

You might be wondering what I mean when I talk about minimalism. I think minimalism means something different to every minimalist out there. You can embrace it however you want. There is no right or wrong way. If you are interested have a read of how Joshua Becker defines it. He is a well-known minimalist blogger who has a trillion times more expertise than me.

Some minimalists travel the world with 100 possessions. Some live in a tiny home. Others get rid of everything excess and are minimalists in all aspects of life – food, friends, TV etc. Not me, I love TV.

I do not have a bare home with no furniture and no belongings. My home has lots of stuff (it is currently a mess). We don’t do without anything. We are an average family. The difference is I am intentionally trying to live with less stuff.

Not the stuff that I use and the stuff that I love. I am talking about the extra stuff. The stuff I bought and never opened. The stuff someone gave to me that I never wanted. The stuff that sits around doing absolutely nothing for years. I see it as pointless stuff.

I didn’t always. I had lots of pointless stuff for most of my life.

One day I was watching good old TV and saw a piece about a minimalist family living in Sydney. I remember footage of a small wardrobe which the parents both shared. The wife had less than the husband. “Wow, that is extreme,” was my reaction.

A few months later I was listening to the radio on the way home from work . I was stuck in the usual traffic. There was an interview with two American guys called The Minimalists. They used to be stressed and felt burdened. Now they were focussed, free and happy. That sounded good to me.

I looked up their blog, I read their book. I found the blog of the family I saw on TV months earlier. I couldn’t get enough of reading about this new cool thing called minimalism. I wanted it in my life.

I started with my wardrobe. I had so many clothes and accessories. Clothes that didn’t fit, clothes that were ripped or had stains that I couldn’t get out. I donated or threw them all out.

Then I tried again. I got rid of the clothes with tags still on them, clothes that I didn’t really wear and the ones that made me feel crap wearing. It was harder to do. I spent so much money buying them all! They were worth something and I could wear them one day. That’s how I used to feel.

I moved on to the other rooms in the house. The kitchen, the bathroom, the basement and so on. So much stuff that was sitting doing absolutely nothing. It took months (years even) for me to feel somewhat satisfied. I still declutter today, I love it.

When I look back, my life is not really that different. I don’t regret getting rid of anything. I think there has being many benefits.

I buy less stuff overall but I buy more things second-hand. I shop less on impulse and I shop more intentionally.  I don’t get excited by sales, I get excited by selling stuff. I spend less and I save more. I feel less stressed and I have more time. I use fewer resources and that makes me feel like I am at least doing something to help the environment.

The biggest benefit for me has occurred since having Bub. I get to be a stay at home mum. We can live off a single income. I am not forced to go back to work because we need it financially. I can base that decision on other things besides money. This feels freaking fantastic and I believe it would not be possible without minimalism.

So there you go. Thanks for reading!

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4 thoughts on “Say hello to the minimalist me”

  1. Hi! Your posting reminds me of Courtney Carver’s “Be More With Less” and “Project 333” ideas…. I too strive to be a minimalist, but not be rabid/obsessed with it. I want to own more forks than just the two my daughter and I need, oy vey! 🙂

  2. I love what you said about getting more excited about selling stuff rather than buying stuff…me too! I also love giving things away to friends and family that I know they will love, rather than having something sitting around that I feel lukewarm about. Knowing someone is getting enjoyment out of something I’ve given them is a really nice feeling. In fact, I’ve started giving things away (like books) to strangers through fb groups…my husband is worried he’s going to come home to a totally empty flat one day 😉

    1. I have been trying to give books away too on Facebook but sometimes people don’t come and pick them up. It is like they don’t value something if it has no price on it. I am going back to donating them because it is less hassle.
      I actually don’t give things that much to my friends and family. I think about it but try and stop myself because I know that I personally wouldn’t like it if they tried to give me their stuff.
      It depends though. I gave a bottle of perfume I wouldn’t use away and my friend loved it. It is nice that the people you know get joy out of the things you don’t use.

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