30 Things To Get Before The Birth Of Your Baby

Hey Pregnant Friend,

I was pretty concerned with what to buy for Bub when I was pregnant. I didn’t want to buy too much and be wasteful. I didn’t want to buy not enough either, I definitely wanted convenience when it came to having a newborn. I wrote a list of what I wanted when I was pregnant to guide me. Now that I have had Bub, I have written a list of what I use to guide you.

There is a lot of stuff! Buy it brand new if you want but there is so much great second hand stuff out there. Ask your friends or colleagues with older babies, they are normally really happy to palm off their baby stuff. Try local facebook buy swap sell pages, Gumtree/Craigslist equivalent or Op Shops. Also, some lovely people give you random presents when they hear you are having a baby. If you have a baby shower, and you feel comfortable, have a list of practical presents so you don’t get a bunch of stuff you won’t use.

Remember, you don’t have to listen to my advice at all. Buy whatever you want Pregnant Friend. If you don’t want to go too overboard however, this list might be helpful for you. Also Bub is breastfeed and I realise this list would look a bit different if you bottle feed.

Clothing List

  1. 10 singlets
  2. 10 longs sleeve jumpsuits with inbuilt toe thingies (then you don’t need bloody socks!) That’s what Bub used the most for winter, that is what is mostly practical. If you are in summer you might want to get short sleeve bodysuits instead.
  3. Any cute little outfits you want to dress them up in, the more fancy you are, the more you need.
  4. Some cardigans, jackets or jumper. Your winter is far more extreme than in Sydney so you be the judge of that. You might also want some thick pants, socks and shoe thingies for outdoors.
  5. A beanie and a sunhat. Bub had a giant head and didn’t fit into her ‘size’.

If you think you are having a big baby (you can generally tell from checkups etc) I would get barely any newborn clothes. Bub used them for about a week but we both know she is a chubba bubba. 

Other Baby Stuff List

  1. A cot
  2. 3-4 fitted sheets.
  3. 6-8 Wraps. Wraps are more versatile and can be used for more things, some parents prefer swaddles.
  4. Some baby blankets
  5. White noise machine. Not necessary but totally awesome.
  6. A stroller. We didn’t get a pram attachment, though they did look good and I was slightly envious of ALL the other mums with a pram. We survived without it though.
  7. A baby carrier with newborn insert. I LOVE my ergo baby. I know you don’t have a car so I am leaving out the car seat.
  8. A change mat that had a baby bath underneath it. Not necessary but totally awesome. I didn’t have to break my back bending over. Bub has grown out of the bath now but we still use the change mat.
  9. Lots of wash cloths
  10. 4-5 baby towels
  11. Baby bath liquid soap stuff (or just water). You DON’T need baby powder, baby lotion or baby oil.
  12. Zinc oxide healing/nappy rash cream
  13. Baby nail clippers or scissors
  14. Baby thermometer. We used it once, peace of mind.
  15. Baby paracetamol. We used it once, peace of mind.
  16. Nappies
  17. Baby Wipes
  18. Nappy bags
  19. Nappy bin like Sangenic. Not necessary but totally awesome.
  20. Playmat and some books and baby toys. You don’t need many. It is difficult to even use them for a while.
White Noise Sustayable Me
This what noise machine was giving to us as a gift. I use it often.

For You List

  1. Maternity pads
  2. Lots of paracetamol
  3. A nightie or two with some buttons down the middle to reveal the boobies.
  4. Breast pads
  5. Feeding cover and/or a few feeding singlets or tops, if you feel the desire to cover up in public.

If you are planning on going back to work and continuing to breastfeed you may need a breast pump. I don’t have one. I think they are also good for increasing your supply if it is on the low side.

The end, geez!

If there are any parents who have something they absolutely loved to use let Pregnant Friend know in the comments. Alternatively, if you happily raised your newborn on far less please share your experience.

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Ripped Jeans

We should care about where our clothes have come from. So many of my clothes are made out of polyester that is derived from petroleum. Ekk, sounds gross! I prefer to buy cotton but it can take over 2500L to produce enough cotton for just one t-shirt. (Should we just go naked?)

We should care about where our clothes go once we get rid of them. The average Australian throws out 30kg of clothing and textiles each year. Only 10% of the clothes charities are given gets resold.

My partner bought two new pairs of jeans the other month. When he brought them home I looked up the brand on my ethical app (because I am annoying like that).

“This brand gets an F! Why didn’t you go to the shop you normally get them from? They get a C!” I said to him. If only I could control EVERYTHING. (Also this brand is on Oxfams Naughty List, at the time I did not know that).

Two weeks later one pair of his new jeans ripped. The fact they ripped was not a problem. He wears jeans everyday, they all eventually rip. I was angry because they ripped so freaking quickly. The receipt conveniently went missing so there was no returning them.

Ripped Jeans Clothing Sustainability Sustayable Me
Ripped Jeans

I refuse to throw out something that can be easily mended. 5% of household waste is clothes – I read that on the internet somewhere so it must be true. I did what I always do now when jeans rip. I got out the sewing machine and did a dodgy patch up job on them. No one sees the part where it rips anyway.

Sewing skills! The jeans are mended and ready for more butt action.
Sewing skills! The jeans are mended and ready for more butt action.

I mend clothes for three reasons. First it saves money. You can get a lot more wear out of a piece of clothing and you don’t have to go out and replace it…. yet. Second, it is the only time I ever use my sewing machine. If I didn’t mend clothes that baby would just sit and collect dust. It needs to feel loved every now and then. Third and most importantly, throwing out clothes is so wasteful. If something needs mending you can’t exactly donate it. The clothes have to end up somewhere, most likely in the bin. I’ve thrown clothes in the bin before. I won’t do it again though.

You could reuse clothes and turn them into rags, which would be ideal, but I already have lots of rags. Now you can also recycle clothes easily. H&M and Uniqlo stores have recycling bins in their stores. Hurrah for multinational fast fashion companies, aren’t they the best? (They are not by the way, in case my sarcasm did not come across in text. The fashion industry is the second worst industry in terms of environmental damage. Oil is the number one bad guy.)

What matters more than reusing and recycling clothes is my other favourite R word. Reduce. Apparently, people wear 20% of their clothes 80% of the time. We don’t need the latest fashion trends. We don’t need to add to our wardrobes each season.

I stopped buying so many clothes for selfish reasons – so I could save some money! More importantly I stopped buying so many clothes because fast fashion is an evil turd from more than one viewpoint – workers rights, animal rights and the environment.

It is almost the end of the year and that means resolutions for the following year, you know, the ones you never keep (I AM going to lose 20kg!).

My New Year resolution for 2017 is to do no fast fashion shopping. (Fast fashion pretty much refers to any chain clothing stores etc). I can buy second-hand clothes and my baby can have gorgeous hand me downs from her cousin. I am also allowing myself to buy new clothes from ethical companies.

This post is just the tip of the iceberg about clothing waste and ethical clothing. If you would like more information I have included some links.

If you love Netflix then watch The True Cost Docu-movie. If you love TED talks then watch How To Engage With Ethical Fashion. If you love podcasts then listen to Ethical Fashion with Mel Tually. If you love reading check out I Haven’t a Thing to Wear and finally if you are a website junky then visit Fashion Revolution.

Thanks for reading!


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