So you’re pregnant. Do you want some advice?

Hey Pregnant Friend.

People (and strangers) are going to give you advice, whether you ask for it or not. It could be advice on pregnancy, childbirth or raising a baby (so anything). Some people will say stupid comments that make you mad. It happens, just ignore it. You can also ignore ALL the advice, even my advice, I don’t care. You will work out what works best for you. You will try things, they might work well, they might not. You can try them again later or try something else.

Some old people seem to love giving you outdated advice about things they potentially don’t remember that well. They raised their kids 40 years ago and although some things stay the same, current ideas on ‘best practice’ also change. I was told when Bub was a newborn that she only needed to feed every four hours. I’m very glad I ignored that advice, there would have been hours of hangry (hungry + angry) crying, as opposed to just hours of some crying. I am not saying to run far away from old people, they can be a great support and have a wealth of knowledge to help you. I am just saying you don’t have to listen to their advice. Also, you don’t have to do whatever is currently trending as ‘best practice’. Best practice is whatever works the best for you!

Your mum may also be full of advice. You don’t have to listen to her either. My mum was actually pretty good about not giving advice. Some of her ideas were different to how I did it. Like how to put Bub to sleep and how to breastfeed. It made me doubt myself at the time and I did it her way. Then as soon as she left I went back to my way. Both ways worked, so it is just about what you feel best doing.

Oh and if you need advice, just ask. Good luck Pregnant Friend!

My bump and I
My bump and I

If there are any awesome mums reading this and you have anything to add, like great (or shit) advice you were told, please comment, I’m sure Pregnant Friend would appreciate it.

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Thanks for reading.

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2 thoughts on “So you’re pregnant. Do you want some advice?”

  1. I’m an awesome ‘old’ mum, 61 years young. With my husband, I raised 4 children, they are now well adjusted adults.

    My advice to you is to sleep or rest when baby sleeps and to follow your own gut feelings.

    Thank people very much for their advice, but do what you think is right, even if that is to get advice when you need reassurance. I’m sure that doesn’t sound ‘old fashioned at all.

    Also, be aware – you will be ‘old’ one day too.

    Peace, Gail

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