The childless couple

You know that childless couple? They have been together for years. They are your neighbours or your friends. They are in your family or you might have just met them.

Don’t ask them when they are having children.

They could be enjoying each others company and planning on kids in a few years time. They might not want children. They may be trying and have tried already for three years.

Whatever their situation is, they don’t want to hear that question. They are sick of hearing that question. It could be a mere annoyance or a dagger to the heart.

So don’t ask. If they want to talk about it then listen, but don’t ask.

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8 thoughts on “The childless couple”

  1. I agree with this message; it’s something everyone needs to hear. However I feel it’s not exclusive to those couples who have been together many years. I think it applies to anyone at any time in their relationship.
    I believe people should not ask the ‘when are you having kids’ question… to anyone… ever…
    And I believe they should not ask the ‘when are you getting married’ question… to anyone… ever…

    1. Yeah it should be for all relationships regardless of time. From my experience the longer I was with my partner the more often I heard those sorts of questions, so that’s the angle I was going for.

  2. My general opinion is if it’s not your uterus, it’s not your concern 😉 Having kids is such a loaded issue for so many people because fertility can be such an issue. The kind thing to do is, as you say, say nothing!

  3. Completely agree. I’m guilty of it myself before I knew any better (and I’ve certainly been asked it). I know people don’t do it to be malicious (I certainly didn’t) but they have no idea what’s going on in your life. I would never ask it now. When people ask me now they get the full story (and probably wish they hadn’t).

    1. I have asked it too (even though I disliked getting asked).
      Maybe a good overshare will stop them asking someone else in the future. Good work!

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