What this world needs is another mum blogger

I gave birth to Bub. After this I don’t think I slept for four days. It was all a blur so I am not sure if that is a fact. Bub was up at all different hours during the night. When Bub did sleep, I was worried. I was clueless, shell shocked and had no confidence. Instead of getting to sleep, I lay in bed thinking and thinking and thinking. I was so anxious my feet were sweating too. It was the middle of winter. It was gross.

I didn’t just think about Bub, I thought about anything and everything. One of those thoughts was “I should start a blog”. I forgot this thought for many weeks. I actually forgot everything, having a baby screws up your memory.

Then one of my local mum acquaintances/new friend started a blog. It was awesome, I thoroughly enjoy reading her posts in the middle of the night. After my initial “Damn she started a blog so I can’t anymore, there can’t be two mum bloggers this close to home!”, I slowly changed my mind. If she can do it, and do it well, why can’t I?

16 weeks after birth it is happening. My three potential readers can celebrate.

Here is a picture of my legs on the beach to calm your hysteria about my blog
Here is a wonky picture of my legs on the beach to calm your hysteria about my blog

From Jane

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